Millstone Acres

For Sale: Poultry & Lamb

Ducklings - all sold, but we have a wait list for our next batch!
Contact us if you'd like to reserve ducklings!

Breed: Giant Pekin Ducklings

These ducks are bred for meat, however, make awesome pets as well. They lay eggs daily, however do take some seasonal time off, depending on the bird. The eggs are huge and are an EGG-cellent source for eating and baking. Because the eggs are so large they can be difficult to incubate!

Price: $15.00 each, should go in buddies.  




Farm Fresh Eggs

Heritage breed layers, free range, free run
(depending on the season)

Price: $6.00/dozen mixed assortment of chicken eggs

Price: $7/dozen giant Duck Eggs 

Available at the roadside stand/top of the driveway




We have lamb!!!

Breed: St. Croix/Katahdin Lambs

Excellent meat lambs. For prices and more information please contact the farm!