Millstone Acres

The Critters

Radar the Dalmatian

Radar is 6 years old and has been trying out a variety of things... he has schooled agility and has done countless obedience classes and group walks. He loves life and is very playful and willing to try anything! He is a good listener and loves to socialize! We are very grateful for his breeders experience and expertise as he is a lovely dog with a great temperament! He also is an ideal farm dog around the horses! In 2014 he was therapy certified by St. John's Ambulance and PATS Therapy Group and works at the seniors home locally. He is also an alert farm protector.



Sushi the cat

Sushi used to be the greatest hunter in the valley... now he is retired and mostly sleeps! He was picked up when he was about eight weeks old during a family trip to Alaska. He is an orange tabby DMH mutt and has a very patient personality. He is now about 19 years old.                                            


Hugh the Rex mix bunny

Hugh was picked up at the Maple Ridge SPCA. He is super cuddly and litter boxed trained, tattooed, and neutered. He was found by a family who kept him a very short time before starting life as a SPCA rabbit. He is an adult bunny we suspect to be around 9 years old. He LOVES to hop around the house, laze on the couch and sleep on his back! Unfortunately he also likes to eat electrical cords (among other things) so we have had to "baby proof" for him!


The Barn Cats

In Spring 2013 we got 3 feral cats from Nanoose Bay Catspan. We gave them very original names - "Fluffy", "Brown Cat", and "Orange Cat"! Although Fluffy has become a regular fixture in the barn, the other two only come by to eat and hunt. They were about 6 months when they came and are a great addition! Keeping our areas rodent free! Fluffy requires constant hugs and cheek scratches!





Buddy the Lab/ShepX

Buddy was nearly 18 and spent his entire life being a great companion dog! He was an active part of the family since he was about eight weeks old (1995). Old age finally took him Dec 21, 2012 but he very much enjoyed his final meal, a McDonald's Cheeseburger, which when he was younger he would have stolen from any unsuspecting person!




Easter the Holland Lop

Easter was part of the family for eight years... she came to us on Easter 2003 from a farm north of Nanaimo. She lived indoors and suffered from bad pasteurella. In the last two years she had many surgeries but she was part of the family, and worth it! She spent many years volunteering as the "photo prop" for kids Easter pictures at the pet store as well as visiting the elementary school as a "temporary class pet" and was always a favorite! She passed away summer 2010 from the Pasteurella disease. She is missed.