Millstone Acres


The Critters


Radar is a 2011 dalmatian that we got at 10 weeks old. He has schooled agility and has done countless obedience classes and group walks. In 2014 he was therapy certified by St. John's Ambulance and PATS Therapy Group and worked at the seniors home locally. He is now semi-retired and an alert farm protector and great around the animals.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi came to us at a year old from a Kitimat rescue in 2018 with many health issues. He is now healthy and happy and prefers to be outside instead of inside. He hunts pretty well for a cat with one eye! Caution: Don't pet him or he will NEVFR leave you alone!


In Spring 2013 we got three young feral cats from Nanoose Bay Catspan. We gave them very original names - "Fluffy", "Brown Cat", and "Orange Cat"! Fluffy became a regular fixture in the barn and is comstantly around mooching for cat treats!


Olaf is a 2013 white peacock that came to us when he was a few months old. He prefers to live outside and wanders the farm loose. He always sleeps in the same tree unless it is too windy when he shacks up with one of the horses!

In memory of ~

Buddy was a very special family dog who blossomed when he moved to the farm in 1998. He loved rolling in manure and chasing the aminals. He wasn't a natural farm dog but he got better as he aged! We had to euthanize Buddy at the ripe age of eighteen years old. 
Sushi was a beautiful orange tabby that came to us on a family trip to Alaska in 1998. He was a natural farm cat who was inside when he wanted but outside when the sun was shining! He was euthanized early 2018 and his ashes were spread on the farm, the place he loved the most.
Jupiter was a gorgeous Indian Blue peacock and came from a farm as a baby in 2002. He loved living with the hens as their protector. Like all peacocks, he shed his tail each year and it was used each year as a cancer fundraiser. He was very patient and even went to the VIEX on show and some of the elementary schools allowing kids to pet him. He was euthanized due to suspected cancer and health issues in 2018 at the young age of sixteen.

Hugh was a special little member of our family. He was picked up from the SPCA as an adult in 2010 and loved being inside the house. He was a happy photo prop, especially at Easter! Hugh was euthanized due to cancer in 2017.

Easter was part of the family for eight years. She came to us on Easter 2003 from a farm north of Nanaimo. She lived indoors and suffered from bad pasteurella. In the last two years she had many surgeries but she was part of the family, and worth it! She passed away summer 2010 from the Pasteurella disease. She is missed.