Millstone Acres

The Horses


Brandy is a PMU Bashkir curly X QH mare. She is about 14.1hh and 15 years old. She came to the farm on September 11 2002 from a rescue organization in Duncan. When she came to the farm she was terrified of people but with a little TLC she became a great riding horse. She used to show on Vancouver Island in Dressage and has spent the last couple years jumping. She has also done some cattle penning, western games, agility, and extensive trail riding. She is great with all levels of riders and is a huge asset to the farm. She does have a sneaky clever personality that often gets her into trouble! But she is all heart and will try anything for her rider!



Glacier is a 7 year old registered cremello QH mare. She is VERY calm and quiet and has excellent bloodlines! In December 2012 Glacier took her first outing to an Adiva Murphy clinic and placed SECOND! She spent 2015 competing on the Island in dressage and is learning more every day. She is currently doing dressage and a bit of jumping. She does a lot of trail riding, agility, and kids pony rides. She is a safe horse that always wants to please and loves people! 




Welcome Penny! Penny is our newest addition for the new little guy in our life! She is a 12 year old Shetland, likely with some mini in there. She is the sweetest mare and doesn't have any of that typical naughty-pony in her. She also makes a great lawn mower for around the house! We are very lucky to have found Penny and she will be a regular farm mascot! We call her Penny Pocket as she is SO tiny!   



In Memory of Opey (April 12, 1992 - September 21, 2014)

Opey spent most of his life showing 4 foot jumpers competitively. Since being at the farm he competed in dressage and jumpers and trail rode all the time. He was an amazing teacher as he was rarely bothered by anything, very calm, and always gave 150% for his rider. In Spring 2014 he semi-retired to be our "farm sheriff" and trail leader! Unfortuantly he passed away on the last day of Summer 2014 doing what he loved - he had just left for a short trail ride and was walking down the road. He waited for his rider to dismount before collapsing and was peacefully eithanized by the vet. Opey was buried at Cottonwood Stables the same day with the help of neighborhood friends and family.